Immunization Program

Immunization Program

The Pomperaug Health District offers a weekly immunization clinic for both adults and children on Tuesdays at their office in Southbury. Appointments are required; call 203-264-9616, ext 0. The vaccines are offered on a low-cost basis. See below for the listing of vaccinations offered and the Vaccine Information Statement for each. NOTE: Flu Vaccination Information can be found here.

Protecting yourself or your children from vaccine-preventable diseases is an important part of preventing outbreaks of disease. While vaccines, like any medicine, can have side-effects, they are an important tool in the fight against dangerous and sometimes deadly diseases.

The CDC has issued a Childhood and Adolescent Immunization Schedule for recommended vaccination throughout childhood (see the link below). It is important to know that even though many infectious diseases have been reduced or eliminated, the viruses or bacteria that cause them are still a threat. Routine vaccinations have limited outbreaks of the diseases – but stopping immunizations would result in dangerous and possibly deadly outbreaks. The Pomperaug Health District provides all routine childhood vaccinations. The vaccine is provided free by the state of CT for most or all required childhood vaccines independent of insurance status. The health district does charge a small administration fee which can be waived in cases of need.

Please see Immunization Fee Schedule for details (in Downloads)
Immunizations are not just for kids! Adults need vaccinations; too. Vaccinations against tetanus, shingles, pertussis, and human papilloma virus, etc. are recommended for adults.

One dose of Tetanus, Diphtheria, Pertussis (Tdap) vaccine is recommended for all adults. Pregnant women should receive one dose of Tdap at each pregnacy, preferably during the 27th through 36th week of pregnancy. This will provide the baby the most protection after birth. Additionally, the Shingles vaccine is recommended for adults age 60 and above. The Pomperaug Health District is a Medicare Part D Provider, which may lower the cost substantially.

College age adults may need varicella, MMR and meningococcal vaccinations for school. Generally, vaccination decisions for adults are made considering their previous immunizations, health condition, age, lifestyle and occupation. See below for the recommended vaccination schedule for adults.